Beads and Silver" Most jewelry designers stick to one motif,
which they repeat with variations.
I'm a bit more eclectic and create a variety of designs as the mood strikes.
I'm pretty diverse in interests, and that is reflected in my Art."
- Michael Babinski

This Jewelry is designed by Michael Babinski and is created in our own studio on the Oregon Coast.

Custom Designs are also our specialty, please see: Custom Design

If we don't have your piece in stock, we will create it just for you, so please allow approximately 8-10 weeks for delivery.

Yellowrock Shaman
necklace $400.

Earrings $300.

Spirit of Oregon $500.

Angel del Corazon $400.

Earth Shaman
pendant $300.

Dungeness Crab
Pendant 14K Rose

Turquoise Pendant Sterling $300.

Dungeness Crab
Pendant Sterling

Classic Scroll Ring

Celtic Enchantment
Ring $220. -$1475.

Four Elements Pendant

Four Elements Pendant $135.

Monagan Ring 14K
Sunstone $1725.

Rhodolite Garnet
Sunburst Ring 14K

Pirates of the Coast
Sterling Silver $280.

Shaman of the Ages Pendant   $300.

The Galway Ring

Arandel Pendant
Sterling Silver

Celtic Trefoil
Circle Pendant
Sterling $140.- $180.


Roman Coin Pendant $160.

Gothic Lantern Pendant Sterling and Lapis Lazuli $290.

Kinsale Celtic Pendant  

Crab Pot Pendant
from $265.

Kinsale Celtic Earrings $130.

Memento Vivere Rings, with Gemstones $150.

Sterling Silver

Losing My Marbles

Cashel Earrings


FishBonz 14K
Diamond $880.

Oregon Agate Pendant $255.

Celtic Hearts Shamrock $1,400.

Great Wave off Kanagawa Pendant from $160.

Spirit of the Sea Rings
14K from $650.

of course $225.

14K & Roman Coin Pendant $1,150.

Hadrian Roman Coin Pdt. $1,150.

Celtic Hearts Shamrock  $190.

Garden of Life Pendant 14K
Sunstone $945.

Celtic Pendant
14K Kyanite $725.

Hinged Pendant
Sterling $200.

Antique Gaming Chip 14K $1,100.

14K Floral Ring
Rhodolite  $1,100.

Peridot Floral Earrings $700.

Crow Earrings
14K +SS $1,400.

Celtic Mystery Ring
from $200.

Whale Tail Sterling Silver $120.

Spice Road Ring

Art Ring Sterling Agate $250.

Lapis Lazuli Ring of Heaven $280.

Memento Vivere with gemstone $130.-300.

Shaman House

Rustic Ring
Sterling+14K $400.

SALE Blessed Be Ring $55.

Cathedral Wings $300.


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