Ancient Roman Coin Pendant

117-138 A.D.
17 mm Silver Denarius
Setting 14K Yellow Gold 28 mm x 29.5 mm including bail

Hadrian is one of the most commented-on rulers of ancient Rome. As well as being a practical ruler with a flair for the dramatic-once remitting an enormous debt of back taxes and publicly burning the records-he was also a great patron of sports and the arts, building many public facilities throughout the empire. Hadrian traveled extensively during his reign between 121 and 130 A.D., from Britain and Egypt to Greece and Mauritania (modern day Morocco), sometimes conducting military campaigns, but other times concentrating on building the empires infrastructure.

The most well-known remaining structure that survives in modern day is Hadrian's Wall, built on the northern border between England, then a part of the Roman empire, and Scotland.

Does NOT include chain but they are available HERE


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