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A brilliant gemstone that occurs in several colors, such as green, yellow to golden tones, and brown. Many brown Zircons are heated to enhance their color to shades of greenish blue ranging from light colors to vibrant blues. The name Zircon may have come from the Persian word Zargun, meaning gold colored. The stone has been known variously as jacinth or hyacinth and as jargoon. Today we simply call it Zircon, usually preceded by its color name, such as blue Zircon or yellow Zircon.

In Europe's medieval times, Zircon was believed to bring wealth to its owner, cure insomnia, bestow honor and wisdom, and to keep away sickness and evil spirits.

Found in Sri Lanka, Kampuchea, and Burma, Zircon is prized by Hindus who ascribe to it the power to remove fear, clarify the mind, and induce spiritual growth. Their astrologers say that the Zircon should be purchased and set by the jeweler on a Saturday of an ascending moon.

The genuine gemstone Zircon should not be confused with cubic zirconia, a man-made imitation for Diamond, or with synthetic Zircons used to simulate other stones.
Hardness: 6-7.5

Toughness: poor to good

Birthstone: December