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When the mineral corundum is red in color, it is known as Ruby, but the name Sapphire applies to any other color. So, other than color, Ruby shares Sapphire's physical characteristics and vice versa. The most well-known color is blue, but Sapphires are also beautiful in shades of pink, yellow, and other colors.

The most desirable color, if blue, is said to be cornflower blue - an intense color, neither too light nor too dark. Sapphire's name was originally linked to the color blue, and some of the legends surrounding the stone might actually apply to other blue stones such as Lapis Lazuli.

Sapphires are found mostly in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Australia, western USA, and Tanzania. Historical sources include Burma, and the Kashmir region of India. As with Rubies, they occur sometimes as star stones where a six rayed star shimmers within the stone.

To some religions the blue color represents the heavens. Blue Sapphire has been a holy stone to the Catholic church, and to ancient Persians, who believed that Sapphire made the sky blue. It was identified with chastity, piety, and repentance, and it is said that King Solomon wore a Sapphire ring. Sapphire would keep one's thoughts pure and heavenly and help those in the right find justice in legal matters.

The Gemstone was also thought to be a powerful amulet to protect against poisons and cure ulcers. The Sapphire warded off poisonous creatures, and killed snakes hiding nearby. It would also cool fevers, sharpen eyesight, and protect against mental illness.

The most important attribute of Sapphire was said to be that of protection against sorcery. It was thought to banish evil spirits and frighten devils. It would turn evil sorcery and negative spells back against the sender, provide advance warning of hidden dangers, and free the mind of the enchanted.

Sapphire was important to wizards and seers who used it to help interpret visions and prophesies. It was thought to be effective in quelling inflammation of the eyes.
Hardness: 9

Toughness: Excellent

Birthstone: September