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The most famous Quartz is of course Amethyst (see separate heading), but in fact there are many forms of this gemstone.

Here are a few:

Citrine: A transparent form of Quartz that varies from light yellow through deep orange in color. Found mostly in Brazil, Bolivia, and Spain, Citrine is usually heated to improve its color. Not to be confused with Topaz. Citrine was thought to bring a calm, objective attitude, and make its wearer cheerful.

Rock Crystal: Clear transparent Quartz, often used as pointed natural crystals or cut into carvings or crystal balls. This form of Quartz was used in ceremonies by Native Americans, and is sometimes carried in the Shaman's medicine bag. The Japanese are said to be fond of the Rock Crystal ball as an instrument of contemplation.

Rose Quartz: Translucent light to medium pink gemstone: can occur as a star stone. Rose Quartz was reputed to have a calming effect, heightening feelings of creativity and peacefulness. It is the gem from which the lenses of rose-colored glasses should be cut.

Tigereye: A golden striated form of Quartz which glints with a form of chatoyency and is opaque. A naturally lucky stone, Tigereye was thought to stimulate and clarify the thoughts of its wearer.

Smoky Quartz: A tan to dark brown type of transparent Quartz, sometimes incorrectly called Smoky Topaz. It was thought to be lucky for foresters and gardeners.

Rutilated Quartz: Clear Quartz with golden needles of rutile crystals scattered throughout the stone.

Tourmilated Quartz: Clear Quartz with black tourmaline crystal needles inside.

Quartz crystal points are quite popular among New Age believers and are thought to focus the spirit's inherent power toward healing and self improvement. Rutilated and Tourmilated Quartz are thought to be especially good receptors and amplifiers of ethereal energies.

Rock Crystal balls are the traditional crystal ball and were used as tools to divine the future and commune with the spirits.
Hardness: 7

Toughness: Good