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Moonstone is a type of feldspar which shimmers with an elusive glow when a light is shined upon it. Caused by tiny albite inclusions which reflect and scatter light, this effect mimics the moon's soft glow, hence the gem's name. It is most often white but also occurs as softly tinted colors of peach, grey, and green.

Many of this gem's legends come from its association with the moon. The ancient Greeks and Romans linked the stone with moon deities, most often representing the feminine side of creation. It was thought to be an important gift when given to a lover, and would allow one to tell the future if held in the mouth during a full moon. A Moonstone placed beneath the pillow or worn while sleeping induced dreams that prophesied the future.

Pope Leo X was said to have a Moonstone that undertook a visible change in character in tune with the phases of the moon. Other European tales tell of how moonstone had the power to cure fever, arouse passion, and protect from moonstroke and lunacy. It was also believed to ward off cancer and protect the traveler.

Owing perhaps to the fact that Moonstone is primarily found in India, Sri Lanka, and Burma, many Indian legends surround the gem. Hindu legends hold that Moonstone was actually solidified moonbeams which reached earth, and revere it as a good luck object. Indian astrologers use Moonstone to befriend the moon and make use of its energy.

Set as a talisman, or powdered and boiled with lemon juice and other extracts, Moonstone is credited with curing anxiety, strengthening resolve, and relieving high blood pressure.

Hardness: 6 - 6.5

Toughness: Poor (caution when wearing as a ring)

Second Alternate birthstone for June