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Most people think of Garnet as a single type of stone that is dark red, but actually Garnet is a family of gems that spans a range of colors. Some of these are:

Almandite Garnet: Reddish orange to red.

Andradite Garnet: Yellow, green, brown, or black.

Grossularite Garnet: Green, yellow. Green Grossularite, also known as Tsavorite, comes from Kenya's Tsavo region.

Malaya Garnet: Slightly pinkish orange or reddish orange.

Hydrogrossular Garnet: Translucent green, closely resembles Nephrite Jade.

Pyrope Garnet: Medium to dark red.

Rhodolite Garnet: Light to dark pink to purplish red.

Spessartite Garnet: Yellowish orange to reddish orange.

These stones all share the name Garnet which comes from the Latin 'Granatus' which means "seedlike." Many Garnet crystals have the shape and color of pomegranate seeds. In ancient times it was known as Carbuncle which relates to the color and refers to a boil or blister. (The name Carbuncle was also applied to other red gems, but especially to red Garnet.)

Garnet has been believed to cure heart palpitations, lung diseases, and diseases of the blood. It was thought to represent faith, consistency, and truth. Garnets were claimed to help the wearer resist melancholy and warn off evil spirits, especially spirits of the night. The gemstone was endowed with the power to protect against poison, and was believed to inspire contemplation and induce a joyous state. It was also a stone of loyalty and truthfulness, and offered its wearer the power to protect their standing and possessions.

Today, Garnet is found in many locations and is principally supplied from Africa, North America, and India.
Hardness: 7-7.5
Toughness: Fair to good
Birthstone: January