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Alexandrite is a rare form of the gemstone chrysoberyl, and changes color in different lighting. In daylight or florescent lighting it shows a bluish green or yellowish green color, whereas in incandescent light it appears brownish red or purplish red. The finest examples show a strong color change from a true green to a vibrant red. Attractive, fine quality Alexandrites are very scarce and command a high price. Today Alexandrite is found in Brazil and Sri Lanka, although it was first mined in Russia.

The name Alexandrite was given to the gem because its first discovery in Russia's Ural mountains coincided with the birthday of Alexander II, who later became Czar. This was considered a good omen, and the stone acquired a reputation as a good luck amulet. The red and green colors exhibited by the gem also were the same as the colors worn by the czarist military. These factors, combined with its rarity and unusual nature, made Alexandrite a favorite among the Russian aristocracy. Many of the finest examples of Alexandrite exist in old estate jewelry, although the stone has been widely imitated.
Hardness: 8.5
Toughness: Excellent
Birthstone: June (along with Pearl)